About the project

Medical tourism – a practice of providing medical services outside the country of residence; often it is the combination of holiday abroad with highly qualified medical care receiving – is actual and rapidly developing sphere in Belarus.

The concept of medical tourism and consulting in this area are not original. Archaeological excavations confirm that in the 3rd century BC the Mesopotamians went to the one of the temples in Telbrak for the treatment of eye diseases. The ancient Greeks and Romans were ready to travel long distances to get to the special ceremonial houses located along the Mediterranean Sea.

The reasons that lead to the need to look for a solution abroad of one’s health problems can be different. There are several basic motivations of medical tourism:

  • Low cost (about a quarter of medical tourists travel to places where services are cheaper);
  • Advanced medical technologies;
  • High quality of medical care;
  • Absence of treatment or long waiting in native country;
  • The possibility of combining the treatment with a rest (added value factor);
  • The anonymity of treatment.

In recent years, such a factor as the safety of your stay in the country was added.

Anyway, choosing a country, hospital or doctor every person is looking for a decent quality for a reasonable price. In this regard, treatment and rest in the Republic of Belarus has a number of indisputable advantages.

But there is one very important detail: on the one hand, the rapid development of IT-technologies and global information networks enables a person to obtain the necessary information almost anywhere; on the other hand, it recognizes that the work of medical tourism operator is very different from the classical tour operators. 80% are the medical points; the remaining 20% are the elements of classical tourism.

It's a time of the closest approach of health services to a potential customer.

The uniqueness of the “State operator of medical tourism in the Republic of Belarus” is that 2/3 of the staff of the center are not only professionals with higher medical education, but representatives of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Highly qualified experts who have accumulated significant experience in the creation of new medical technologies for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of various diseases. They will look carefully into your problem at the stage of initial application, quickly and efficiently will provide you with an individual program of examination, treatment and rehabilitation, will choose a medical institution and specialists, if necessary, will consult you online.

Contacting our center is the fastest way to solve your problem. Don’t waste time in searching of the best specialists, they are working here!

Our credo – “Health is the basis of life”.

Every day we are aiming to help our customers to fill their lives with health.

The creation of this project is not only and not so much an investment in "a good name" of the Academy, but help in approaching of each potential customer to perfect health, which certainly improves the quality of life. The well-being of society, in turn, depends on the quality of life of individuals.

We are for health without borders!


Rector of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education        Herasimenko M.A.