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Healthcare Establishment “Minsk City Clinical Maternity Hospital №2”

Healthcare Establishment “Minsk City Clinical Maternity Hospital №2”

Maternity Hospital is a treatment and prevention institution which renders specialized and qualified medical care for pregnant women, women in labor, new mothers, obstetric patients, newborns in Minsk, and also citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens.

More than 144 thousands of newborns were born within the walls of the Hospital. Maternity Hospital №2 is the first establishment in Belarus which has initiated the delivery with the partner. It has become the first healthcare establishment which has started to use regional anesthesia methods (spinal anesthesia) at cesarean operations and epidural anesthesia for labor pain relief.

Maternity Hospital № 2 is considered to be a perinatal center of the 3rd level. Additionally new divisions have been opened recently: anesthesia and resuscitation unit for newborns with 15 beds, Interdistrict City Center of Prenatal Diagnostics, City Center of Premature Birth (since 21/07/2008), Consultation and Diagnostics Unit (Family Planning City Center), where the room of assisted reproductive treatment technology has been opened since the 24th of April, 2014. Also, additionally, new units – both pediatric (for premature newborns) and obstetric (for women with postdelivery aseptic complications) units – have been opened since the 3rd of January, 2011.

The Maternity Hospital № 2 is equipped with modern high-tech facilities. All surgery rooms, intensive care units have air-conditioning. The medical staff is highly qualified consisting of Candidates of Medical Sciences, advanced practice professionals. A number of doctors and midwifes have done an internship abroad. According the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus from 01.09.2010 №450 there is no need for State Healthcare Establishments to have license for medical activities.

Statistics for the year 2016 (chargeable services): 1445 deliveries, 8665 ultrasound researches. The Maternity Hospital № 2 has 11 superior comfort rooms.