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Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery

Reconstructive surgery is probably the apex of the surgical technique and skill. The main objective of it – is the restoration of the structures and functions of the human body. Areas of use and methods of it are extremely varied, united by their one common goal - to return the lost.

The history of Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery in the Republic of Belarus has its origins in the mid 80-xx of the last century. On the initiative and under the guidance of Professor Igor Grishin under order MH 10.26.84 BSSR Microsurgery Center was created. On the basis of the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital microsurgery department for 40 beds was opened, which now works under the leadership of Professor Vladimir Nikolaevich Podgayskiy.

At the hospital six surgeons worked daily who continuously improved and updated the arsenal of reconstructive surgery. Simultaneously operations were performed for aesthetic reasons. Since 1992, one more direction has actively been developing - is plastic surgery.

Microsurgery - is a section of Surgery dealing with small-sized structures of the human body, inaccessible to the naked eye, and based on the use of the optical zoom, special instruments and suture material. Possession of microsurgical technique opens up new possibilities in reconstructive surgery because of free transplant tissue complexes with the restoration of blood flow and innervation.

The sphere of interests of the Republican Center of Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery involves the field of general surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, gynecology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, transplantation, urology and plastic surgery. Today is easier to enumerate those fields of medicine where achievement of microsurgery is not used.

Here is an incomplete list of directions, dealt with by employees of the Center:

  • The replacement of defects of soft tissues, bones and joints by autologous transplantation of complex flaps.
  • Breast reconstruction with TRAM-flap, DIEP-flap, TDL, latissimusdorsi, the prosthesis-expander.
  • Correction of gender in transsexualism (multistage plastic surgery to change the secondary sexual characteristics).
  • Comprehensive treatment of facial paralysis of various origins (facial paralysis, restoring smiles).
  • Management of Fallopian tube obstruction (infertility treatment), including after medical sterilization.
  • Treatment of obturative aspermia.
  • Performing various operations when impotence of vascular origin
  • Endophalloprosthetics.
  • Comprehensive treatment of  lymphatic edema of limbs (elephantiasis, chronic lymphedema).
  • Vaginal aplasia.
  • Hand surgery (treatment of Dupuytren's contracture, oleogranulomas  - concequences of implications of vaseline).
  • Treatment of chronic injuries of peripheral blood vessels, nerves, tendons, and their combinations with impaired limbs.
  • Treatment of congenital anomalies of the hand - syndactyly (fusion of the fingers), polydactyly (extra toes), ectrodactyly (splitting hand), gigantism, and others.
  • Reconstruction of fingerless hands, fingers transplant from feet to the palm,  from the palm on the palm.
  • Operations in the compression-ischemic lesions of the nerves.
  • Treatment of venous ulcers.