Establishment of public health services » E.V. Kumova 3rd city clinical hospital » 

Establishment of public health services » E.V. Kumova 3rd city clinical hospital » of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee is a multidisciplinary medical institution that provides highly qualified specialized medical assistance with the provision of a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and preventive services to residents of Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, including foreign citizens on a fee basis.

On the basis of the clinic there are:

  • City Center for Ophthalmology and Laser Eye Microsurgery
  • City Endoscopy Center
  • City center of coloproctology

In the City Center of Ophthalmology and Laser Eye Microsurgery:

  • Ultrasound Biomicroscopy
  • Computer keratotopography
  • Autorefractometry

Microsurgical operations with complicated or pathological myopia, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, including with the use of photodynamic therapy.

High qualification and practical experience of the personnel of the endoscopy center allows to conduct qualitative early diagnostics of diseases. At the Endoscopy Center, all types of minimally invasive surgical procedures are performed:

  • Removal of neoplasm of stomach and colon
  • Laser recanalization of strictures of the gastrointestinal tract and tracheobronchial tree.

Specialists of the Minsk city center of coloproctology have the largest experience in the CIS in carrying out operations using the Longo method with hemorrhoids. In the treatment of diseases of the colon, the newest, including minimally invasive techniques are used: laser, ultrasound and electrosurgical techniques for seamless operations.

The treatment is conducted by professors, doctors and candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category, who have many years of experience and knowledge of modern achievements in the field of medical technologies.

Inpatient treatment is carried out by applying modern medicines and medical technologies in wards of increased comfort.

After comprehensive examination and treatment, the patient is given detailed recommendations for further preventive and supportive treatment and lifestyle, for preventing recurrence of the disease and for maximum social adaptation.

The state operator of medical tourism in the Republic of Belarus «Clinics of Belarus» offers you assistance in the organization of medical services in еestablishment of public health services » E.V. Kumova 3rd city clinical hospital «.

Our doctors

Komar Vladimir

Work position

Head doctor

Svetlana Savitskaya

Work position

Head of Pulmonology Division

Tatiana Vecherskaya

Work position

Head of Physiotherapeutic Division

Tatiana Kharitonchik

Work position

Head of the IInd Ophthalmology Division

Frants Vysotsky

Work position

Head of Coloproctological Division

Liudmila Dulub

Work position

Head of the Ist Ophthalmological Division

Tatiana Maksimova

Work position

Head of the Division of Ultrasound Diagnostics

Sergey Lukashevich

Work position

Head of Roentgen Diagnostics

Rimma Burchik

Work position

Head of the Division of Operative Gynecology

Irina Khval

Work position

Head of Newborn Center

Elena Kacherovskaya

Work position

Head of Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory

Andrey Dudko

Work position

Head of Surgery Division

Tatiana Zenovko

Work position

Head of Obstetrics and Observation Division № 2

Tatiana Mushtina

Work position

Head of City Ophthalmology Diagnostic Center


220030, Minsk, Lenina Street, 30
Inquiry office of chargeable medical services:
+375 (17) 327-72-75
Inquiry office of chargeable medical services of city ophthalmology consultation and diagnostic center:
+375 (17) 327-61-68
Inquiry office of city ophthalmology consultation and diagnostic center:
+375 (17) 226-04-12
+375 (17) 226-01-34
Inquiry office of consultation room of city center of coloproctology:
+375 (17) 220-24-49
Inquiry office of the Center of Laser Microsurgery:
+375 (17) 226-07-96
Admission department:
+375 (17) 327-24-12
Inquiry office:
+375 (17) 327-31-67
Antiglaucomatous room:
+375 (17) 222-27-75

Rendered services

  • Through keratoplastics
    3000 $
  • Introduction of Eiler drug into sub-Tenon’s space
    780 $
  • Phaco with implantation IOL1
    1 500 $
  • Laser microsurgical operations
    400 $
  • Operations on large intestine
    6 000 $
  • Hemorrhoidectomy with mucosal reconstruction
    1 000 $
  • Obstetric aid
    3 000 $

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