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    Balneological and mud treatment procedures

    Balneological and mud therapy procedures are indispensable in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with various pathologies. They are very important as a part of treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, vertebral osteochondrosis, scoliosis), cardiovascular diseases, nervous system diseases, endocrine diseases and etc.

    Being prescribed by a doctor depending on the symptoms, they bring relief and lead to a speedy recovery.

    Main treatment factors are the following ones:

    • mineral chloride-natrium and sulfate-chloride mineral water of law and medium mineralization;
    • environmentally friendly sapropelic muds from Sudobl fields (Belarus) and sulfide silt therapeutic muds from Saky Lake (the Crimea).

    Kinds of balneological and mud treatment procedures on the bases of natural mineral water and curative muds:

    • radon bathes,
    • pearl baths,
    • iodine-bromine baths,
    • baths with sea Saky salt,
    • mineral baths with pantogematogen,
    • mineral baths with bishofite,
    • turpentine baths,
    • baths with turf oxidate,
    • contrast baths,
    • mineral baths with ozone,
    • jacuzzi procedures,
    • gynecological irrigations by mineral water,
    • stomatological irrigations by mineral water,
    • general and local mud poultice applications,
    • intracavitary mud treatment at gynecological and urological diseases.

    Indications for the treatment are the following ones:

    Musculoskeletal system diseases (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, osteochondrosis vertebralis, scoliosis).

    Electro-phototherapeutic procedures

    • Treatment by constant and impulse current (galvanization, curative electrophoresis, amplipulse therapy, interference therapy) – these factors increase metabolism, improve conductivity of nerve fibres, improve regional blood circulation, speed up dissolution of inflammatory centres. They have a pain-relieving effect, lowers sensibility of peripheral pain receptors, normalize the processes of excitation and inhibition of central nervous system, improve trophic and  neuromuscular function, improve venous drainage.
    • Light therapy has a desensitizing, pain-relieving, antiedemic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect. It activates the function of reticuloendothelial system, improves immunologic activity of the body.
    • Magnetotherapy is a treatment by constant and impulse magnetic field. There are two types of magnetotherapy: local and general. It has a sedative, neurostimulating, vasoactive, trophicoregenerative, vasodilatory, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, antiedemic effect.
    • Darsonvalization is applied to trigger points and reflexogenic zones. It improves regeneration, microcirculation, lowers tonus of small and medium arteries, has an analgetic and anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces the evidence of vegetative trophesies and tissue hypoxia.
    • Ultrasound therapy (ultrasound and ultraphonophoresis of drugs) is applied in the area of damaged joints and paravertebrally. It moderately widens blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, fastens regeneration of conductivity of nerve fibers, has an analgetic, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Laser therapy (magneto-laser therapy, laserpuncture) has an anti-inflammatory, desensitizing effect, it stimulates blood formation, improves blood supply, microcirculation, raises metabolic activity and cell resistance, lowers pathogenicity of microbial flora, it has an analgetic and trophic-regenerative effect.
    • UHF-therapy, or ultra high-frequency therapy, (millimeter wave therapy) improves tissue tropism, fastens reparative processes, raises myospecific resistance of the body, restores homeostasis, stimulates blood formation and processes of immunogenesis. It has an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.


    • Mineral pearl bathes reduce sensibility of peripheral receptors, has a sedative and analgetic effect, normalizes vascular tone, improves microcirculation, capillary blood flow, fastens resorption of inflammatory processes, leads to muscle relaxation.
    • Radon bathes (alpha-therapy) have an analgetic effect, reduce sensitivity of peripheral receptors, enhance inhibition of central nervous system, improve neuromuscular conductivity, microcirculation, stimulate the function of sympathoadrenal, endocrine glands, relieve spasms of peripheral vessels, help to restore disordered functions of the body.
    • Scipidar bathes have an irritant action on the organism, during which the skin becomes intensively red after sinking into the bath. Microcirculation is improving, tissue and cell metabolism is improving, there is an arteriolar dilatation, peripheral vascular resistance is decreasing, scars and adhesions are resolving, adaptation and trophic function of sympatic nervous system becomes more evident.
    • Bishofit bathes are based on application of minerals, taken from the depth of 1000-1700 meters. They have an antidepressant action, anti-inflammatory and analgetic effect, they improve regional blood circulation. They have an antidepressant action, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect, improve regional circulation, help to cope with fatigue.


    There are different types of mudtherapy: general, local,  packetized mudtherapy. It is applied on trigger points, reflexogenic zones. It has an anti-inflammatory, absorbable, desensitizing, anesthetic, trophic-regenerative effect, it activates neuro-endocrine system, fastens resolution of adhesions, scars, weakens morbidity of nerve strands, relieves statical state and rigidity of muscular system, helps to restore motor function.

    1. Rehabilitation exercises
    2. Few-group and individual exercises, workout in a gym, remedial gymnastics in a swimming pool.
    3. Reflexotherapy
    4. Diseases of blood circulatory system (ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension of I-II stage, diseases of arteries and veins, cerebrovascular diseases).

    The following electric phototherapeutic procedures are applied:

    • Electrophoresis,
    • Impulse current,
    • Darsonvalization,
    • Microwave therapy,
    • Magnetotherapy,
    • Treatment by polarized light.


    • Mineral pearl bathes
    • Mineral pine bathes.
    • Bathes with panthogematogen.
    • Mineral iodine-bromine bathes.
    • Nauheim bathes.
    • circular douche.
    • underwater massage treatment.

    Exercise therapy:

    • Few-group and individual exercises, workout in a gym, remedial gymnastics in a swimming pool.
    • Hand massage.
    • Reflexotherapy.
    • ozone therapy.

    III. Diseases of nervous system (somatoform dysfunction of vegetative nervous system, neurasthenia, neurides, radiculitis,           polyneuropathies, consequences of inflammatory diseases of nervous system).

    1. Diseases of endocrine system, nutrition disorders and metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, obesity, ovarian dysfunction).
    2. Respiratory diseases ( bronchitis, asthma, chronic tonsillitis).
    3. Diseases of the digestive system ( gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, duodenitis).

    VII. Diseases of the genitourinary system (chronic cystitis, chronic prostatitis, chronic inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs, absolute sterility and male sterility).

    Complex application of natural therapeutic factors together with modern methods of physiotherapy, different types of massage, exercise therapy, nontraditional treatment methods help to achieve good results in the treatment and prophylaxis of diseases. The procedures are prescribed to every patient individually by highly-qualified specialists.