Why treatment in Belarus is one of the best choices?

Firstly, a specific characteristic of the Republic of Belarus is its high political stability, which guarantees a secure stay in our country during the treatment.

Secondly, the Belarusians are the most hospitable, good-natured and sympathetic people, whom you may meet within your life. There are legends about tolerance of the Belarusians. Medical staff in Belarusian clinics is represented by highly-qualified and responsible specialists, who have a special attention, friendliness and responsiveness to patients, being treated in clinics of Minsk and other cities of the Republic of Belarus.

Thirdly, it was a long time ago when scientists and investigators had proved that Belarus is «the lungs» of Europe. 40% of its territory is covered with forests, 1,7 millions of hectares are covered with Belarusian mosses, which purify the atmosphere to such the extent that 20 million hectares of forest could do it. Mosses make the climate mild, purify and humidify the air. Nowhere can you breeze like in Belarusian forest after the rain!

Fourthly, Belarusian doctors are high professionals of international level; their experience is appreciated not only in our country, but also abroad.


Created with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus State operator of medical tourism «Clinics of Belarus» covers all medical institutions of the country and ensures assistance in resolving any emerging issues at the highest level.

Individual approach

Basing on analysis of the preliminary data we quickly and efficiently provide You with an individual program of examination, treatment and rehabilitation, select medical institutions and specialists, if You need, we arrange the preliminary online consultation with a profile expert.

Modern technologies. Top results

In the Republic of Belarus there are 16 specialized scientific and practical centers («Transplantation of organs and tissues», «Traumatology and orthopedics», «Neurology and neurosurgery», «Cardiology», «Otorhinolaryngology», «Pulmonology and phthisiology» and etc.), which can be considered as analogs of western university clinics and which are equipped with modern devices.
Belarusian doctors actively participates in international conferences and symposiums, scientific and practical programs, regularly undergo training abroad, many of them are members of international associations, they closely communicate and exchange experience with colleagues from the European Union, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA and other countries.
Treatment in Belarus is a real chance for recovery!


Specialists of our center will facilitate in obtaining a visa. You will be accompanied and provided with easy access to health care institutions and to leading specialists of the country. If necessary, You will be provided with an interpreter who is qualified in preparing and translating medical records and conclusions. Upon the request we will book comfortable accommodation and work up cultural programs of individual stay in the country for You and Your accompanying persons.