The Republic of Belarus has a great experience in rendering of rehabilitation services to patients suffered from ear, voice and speech pathologies under day-to-day control of ENT specialist, rehabilitation physician, physical therapist.

Rehabilitation after loss of hearing

At the first stages after the loss of hearing a clinical examination is recommended, which includes the following: testing of hearing, testing of cerebral vessels, electrocardiogram (ECG), consultation with a cardiologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, psychotherapist.

The main aim of this examination is to determine the reason of the loss of hearing with further selection of treatment procedures.

A package of treatment procedures includes:

  • medicamentous and physiotherapy treatment, aimed at the improvement of cerebral circulation and inner ear structures, stimulation of nerve impulse conduction, lowering of tinnitus and improvement of      speech clarity,
  • reduction of psychological and emotional decompression with the help of therapy exercises, hydrotherapy, electro therapy, head massage and cervical spine, drug blockades,
  • correction of reduction of arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, reduction of body weight.

Rehabilitation of patients with voice disorders

Patients with voice disorders are recommended to a have a clinical examination with a phoniatrist, an endocrinologist, logopedist, psychologist and/or psychotherapist to determine the reasons of the disease and select a complex of treatment and rehabilitation procedures.

Medicamentous and physiotherapeutic treatment, used in this case, improves blood supply, nutrition and stimulation of laryngeal nerve (breathing exercises, work with a phonopedist, endolaryngeal infusion, hydrotherapy, spine massage, psychological relief). Besides, a special care is rendered while solving psychological problems.

Rehabilitation of patients with chronic tonsillitis

Rehabilitation of patients suffered from chronic tonsillitis starts from clinical and laboratory research, which includes:

  • consultation with an otorhinolaryngologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist,
  • biochemical blood analysis,
  • pharyngeal swab.

These procedures are carried out to determine the reason of this disease and to select remedial measures with individual approach.

Treatment and rehabilitation measures aim at immune stimulation, improvement of amygdalas blood supply, sanation of purulent infection, correction of psychoemotional state (medicamentous and physiotherapeutic treatment, amygdala irrigation, nasal drainage, massage of thoracocervical spine, exercise therapy, hydrotherapeutics, endovenous laser therapy).

Rehabilitation of patients with vasomotor rhinitis

Treatment and rehabilitation procedures for patients who suffer from vasomotor rhinitis aim at immune stimulation, improvement of nasal breathing, reduction of nasal mucus, correction of psychoemotional state (medicamentous and physiotherapeutic treatment,  nasal drainage, massage of thoracocervical spine, exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, laser therapy).

Rehabilitation of patients is carried out without surgical intervention, and also at early postoperative period.

This service can be obtained :
  • State Institution «Republican Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation”
  • State Institution “Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Medical Expertise and Rehabilitation”

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