Rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal system diseases

Physiotherapeutic procedures are indispensible in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal system diseases (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, osteochondrosis therapy, scoliosis).

The procedures are prescribed by a doctor in accordance with indications. They give physical relief and speed up recovery.

The main ones are the following procedures:

Light therapy procedures

  • Treatment by constant current and impulse current ( galvanization, electrophoresis, amplipulse therapy, interference therapy) – these factors speed up metabolism, improve conductivity of nerve fibers, improve regional blood circulation, speed up resorption of inflammatory sites. They have a pain-relieving effect, reduce sensitivity of peripheral pain receptors, normalize the processes of excitation and inhibition of the central nervous system, improve trophic and neuromuscular function, improve venous outflow.
  • Light therapy has a desensitizing pain-relieving antiedemic bactericidal effect. It activates the function of reticuloendothelial system, improves immunological activity of organism.
  • Magnetotherapy is a treatment by constant and pulsed magnet field. Both local and general magnetotherapy is applied. It has a sedative, neurostimulative, vasoactive, trophicoregenerative, vasodilative, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antiedemic effect.
  • Darsonvalization is applied on triggers points and reflexogenic zones. It improves regeneration, microcirculation, reduces tone of small and medium arteries. It has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effect. It lowers vegetative and trophic disorders and tissue hypoxia.
  • Ultrasound therapy (ultrasound and ultraphonophoresis of drugs) is applied on the area of damaged joints and paravertebrally. It moderately widens blood vessels, intensifies blood circulation, accelerates conductivity of nervous fibers, it has a pain-relieving, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Laser therapy (magnetic laser therapy, laser puncture) has an anti-inflammatory, desensitizing effect, reduces microflora pathogenicity, stimulates hemogenesis, improves vascular supply, microcirculation, improves metabolic activity and cell resistance, it has a pain-relieving and trophic regenerative effect.
  • Extremely high-frequency therapy (millimeter wave therapy) improves tissue trophicity, accelerates reparative processes, enhances myospecific resistance of organism, restores homeostasis, stimulates hemocytogenesis and processes of immune genesis. It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.


  • Mineral pearl baths reduce sensitivity of peripheral receptors, have a sedative, pain-relieving effect, normalizes vascular tone, improve microcirculation, capillary blood flow, accelerate resolution of inflammatory processes, lead to muscle relaxation.
  • Radon baths (alpha-therapy) have an analgesic effect, reduce sensitivity of peripheral receptors, accelerate inhibition of central nervous system, improve neuromuscular conductivity, microcirculation, stimulate the function of sympathoadrenal, endocrine glands, weaken spasm of peripheral vessels, restore disordered functions of organism.
  • Turpentine baths have irritant action on organism with intensive redness of the skin during the bath. The baths improve microcirculation and metabolism of cells and tissues, enlarge arterioles, reduce peripheral vascular resistance; they help to dissolve scars and adhesions and enhance adaptation and trophic function of sympathetic nervous system.
  • Bishofit baths are baths with minerals taken from 1000-1700 meters under the ground. They have an antidepressant action, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving effect, improve regional blood circulation, take away the feeling of exhaustion.


Mudtherapy can be general, local and packetized. It is applied on trigger points, reflexogenic zones. It has an anti-inflammatory, resolving, desensitizing, pain-relieving, trophicoregenerative effect, activates neuro endocrine system, accelerates resolution of adhesions, scars, reduces painfulness of nerve trunks, static condition and muscle rigidity, restores motor function.

Exercise therapy.

Few-group and individual physical training, exercises in a gym, therapeutic exercises in a swimming pool.


This service can be obtained :
  • State Institution «Republican Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation”
  • State Institution “Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Medical Expertise and Rehabilitation”

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