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    Ozone therapy

    What is ozone therapy?

    Ozone therapy is one of the present-day and perspective fields of modern medicine with a low pharmacological load for a patient. Ozone therapy is more than 100 years, and despite many debates about reasonability of this method, it is generally recognized by patients.

    Ozone is an unstable gas, which consists of 3 oxygen atoms, it has a high oxidative capacity. Ozone is a highly toxic compound for living bodies. Due to its ability to oxidize and destroy organic and nonorganic compounds it was used even during the First World War for management of wounds.

    In present-day ozone therapy ozone-oxygen mixtures with different concentration of ozone from 1 to 80 mg per 1 litre of oxygen are applied, which are received from oxygen with the help of medical ozonator for medical and cosmetic purposes.

    Indications for ozone therapy

    Ozone therapy is applied in the treatment of diseases of:

    • therapy,
    • pediatrics,
    • neurology,
    • gynecology,
    • urology,
    • orthopedics-traumatology,
    • cosmetology,
    • dermatology,
    • at infectious diseases,
    • in the treatment of some pathological conditions to eliminate tissue hypoxia, metabolism improvement,
    • in the fight with pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi.

    Contraindications for ozone therapy:

    • blood-clotting disorders, including hemophilia, constant consumption of anticoagulants,
    • anemia,
    • conditions after hemorrhage and hemorrhagic tendency,
    • convulsions,
    • mental diseases in the acute stage,
    • hyperfunction of thyroid,
    • poorly controlled diabetes,
    • terminal states,
    • intolerance

    What is ozone therapy mechanism based on?

    The mechanism of ozone therapy is based on the following:

    • local effects (bacillicidal, virucidal, fungicidal), which are determined by the ability of active forms of oxygen to damage cell structures,
    • general effects (immune modeling, fibrolytic, lipolytic, antiaggregant), connected with the activation of antioxidant and other protective systems of organism.

    Types of ozone therapy

    Depending on the purpose, ozone-oxygen mixture can be taken externally or internally.

    External application of ozone-oxygen mixture:

    • ozone-blowing,
    • insufflations,
    • irrigations by ozonized physiological solution or distilled water,
    • applications of ozonated oils and antiseptic solutions.

    Internal application of ozone-oxygen mixture:

    • subcutaneous injections,
    • ozone-acupuncture,
    • intramuscular injections,
    • periarticular and intra-articular blocks,
    • intravenous inductions of ozonized physiological solution,
    • drink of ozonated water.

    Besides, patient’s blood components may be extracorporally processed by ozone-oxygen mixture with its further introduction into the body with its further introduction into the organism:

    • major autohemotherapy,
    • minor autohemotherapy,
    • ozone plasmalifting

    Nowadays there are several kinds of ozone therapy – clinical ozone therapy, ozone reflexotherapy and ozone therapy in cosmetology, which can be applied at the same time during treatment.

    Clinical ozone therapy

    As a treatment ozone therapy is used at the following symptoms and diseases:

    • chronic brain hypoxia,
    • chronic cerebral and vascular insufficiency,
    • blind headache,
    • tension headache,
    • vertebrogenic pain syndromes,
    • gastrointestinal disease,
    • hepatitises of different genesis,
    • herpes-infection,
    • conditions, connected with immunodeficiency,
    • HIV-infection,
    • chronic fatigue syndrome,
    • other conditions, except contraindications for ozone therapy.

    Ozone reflexotherapy

    During the procedure of ozone reflexotherapy ozone-oxygen mixture in small amounts is introduced to acupuncture points by an injection needle, in addition there is a synergism of effects due to the combination of ozone and reflexotherapy. Indications for this method are the following ones:

    • pain syndromes of different genesis,
    • neuralgia and neuropathy of peripheral nerves,
    • visceral diseases, except counterindications for ozone therapy.

    Application of ozone in cosmetology

    Ozone is applied in cosmetology at the following:

    • at body sculpting,
    • in the fight with cellulitis and local body fat,
    • for wrinkle correction, scar and stretches revision,
    • for telangiectasia removal,
    • for the skin lifting at the correction of age-related changes,
    • for the skin color improvement,
    • while treating acne disease, furunculosis and other skin diseases.

    If you have decided to receive an ozone therapy course, then you have to do all blood tests for clotting and to have a consultation with an endocrinologist to exclude diseases of endocrine glands and consult a doctor-ozonetherapist to select the optimal treatment program.

    In rehabilitation and balneological centers of Belarus you can find the whole spectrum of services in the field of ozone therapy which are rendered on a high professional level!