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    Overweight correction

    Overweight has become one of the most actual problems of modern society due to different factors:

    • unbalanced, improper nutrition;
    • excessive intake of fats and carbonhydrates;
    • absence of physical activities;
    • sedentary mode of life and etc.

    Nowadays, there are a huge number of complex rehabilitation actions which help to correct the excess weight.

    Creation of the right motivation in a patient aiming at the change of eating behavior. For this, it is necessary to determine psychological factors and problems, which led to weight gain, if necessary – to conduct psychotherapeutic correction. The diet is made up taking into account individual wishes, it also includes creation of favorable atmosphere and recommendations to listen to classical music.

    Determination of the reason of overweight. Firstly, to solve this problem it is necessary to determine the reason which led to the overweight.

    Besides, it is necessary to conduct nutritional analysis and do the following tests:

    • blood glucose test,
    • insulin level test,
    • sex hormone tests and thyroid hormone tests,
    • markers of kidney function tests, fat metabolism.
    • dietary intake analysis,
    • determination of malnutrition,
    • keeping of food diary,
    • food calorie calculation with the usage of tables of nutritional value of foods,
    • weight management principles, self-control,
    • analysis of previous failures at weight reduction,
    • determination of daily energy consumption taking into consideration age, gender, profession.

    Determination of the level of physical activity taking into consideration mode of life, attendant problems

    The right choice of physical activities using training devices, individual and group activities with an instructor on rehabilitation exercises will help to gain weight quickly, without any harm and to correct figure.

    Additional physiotherapeutic methods of overweight correction. Application of physiotherapeutic methods helps to reach the result with maximum self-satisfaction. This program includes the following:

    • application of Nauheim baths,
    • pneumo compression therapy,
    • hydromassage,
    • hardware massage,
    • manual massage focusing on overweight correction.

    Drug treatment of overweight. Drug treatment of overweight is effective in case of metabolic disorders, taking into consideration hereditary factors, under strict control of experienced specialists.

    Determination of early risk factors of comorbidity. As overweight is usually accompanied by diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular system disorders it is extremely important to determine early risk factors of these pathologies and take precaution measures to prevent their development. It is also important to choose drugs for normalization of arterial hypertension if it is needed. Also to carry out drug correction of impaired fat metabolism. On the other hand, overweight can be a result of such hard pathology as diabetes mellitus. In this case, it is necessary to choose antihyperglycemic drugs individually controlling blood glucose level within 24 hours. It is also recommended to carry out drug and physiotherapeutic treatment at diabetes mellitus complications.

    Individual weight reduction programs have proved their efficiency even in home conditions — «growing thin at home and at work».

    Thus, overweight correction takes place with the participation of different specialists: endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologist, traumatologist, psychotherapist, psychologist, gynecologist. Fulfillment of all recommendations can lead to a successful result.

    In rehabilitation centers of Belarus you can get a good medical care while fighting with overweight. Our specialists will help you to become slim and provide you with the information about how to stay in shape for many years.