Medical rehabilitation of patients after traumas of skeletal-muscular system (without traumas of nervous system) and rehabilitation operations on muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones at postembolization period require a special complex approach, because it is necessary to:

  • eliminate posttraumatic limb swellings,
  • restore joint movements (to eliminate contractures),
  • restore muscle power,
  • teach the right movements and self-care, using of technical means of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation actions after traumas are carried out by multidisciplinary team of specialists on medical rehabilitation, which includes:

  • rehabilitation physician
  • traumatologist
  • physiotherapist
  • psychotherapist
  • physical therapy instructor
  • massage therapist.

Individual approach together with individual program of medical rehabilitation of a patient with consequences of traumas of musculoskeletal system includes the following:

  • ergotherapy – restoration of motor skills,
  • individual trainings with an instructor on physiotherapy exercises,
  • physical therapy — electric treatment, light therapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapeutic procedures, mudtherapy, hand and mechanic massage,
  • medicamentous treatment,
  • lectures in a “school for a patient”.

Different kinds of massage (acupuncture, lymph drainage massage, segmental massage, limb massage) will help to improve lymph- and blood flow in the body, improve joint movements, muscle spasticity, relieve pain.

Hardware-based physiotherapy is an integral part of rehabilitation, as it improves tissue vascular supply, reduces trophic disorders, normalizes muscle tonus, reinforces anti-inflammatory and anti-edematic effect of drugs, reduces the formation of adhesions. Alternation of physiotherapeutic procedures helps to achieve great results in rehabilitation.

Qualified specialists in the field of motor rehabilitation (instructors, methodists of physiotherapy) will help to restore self-care skills, to select technical aids of rehabilitation (cane, crutches etc.) and to adapt patients to walking using them.

An obligatory part of individual program of rehabilitation is psychological care. Psychotherapist and psychologist will help to restore emotional balance, sort you out, help to return passion to enjoy life, solve accumulated problems.

Psychologists use the newest methods for effective treatment. Selection and prescription of drugs is carried out taking into consideration all peculiarities of the disease, which minimizes risk. Besides, the treatment also includes creation of a comfortable and cosy atmosphere, teaching relaxation methods with the application of music therapy and aromatherapy, which lead to harmony, help to restore emotional balance and find a solution to many life’s problems.

This service can be obtained :
  • State Institution «Republican Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation”
  • State Institution “Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Medical Expertise and Rehabilitation”

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