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    Eye examination, diagnostics and dynamic control of eye diseases

    Diagnostics of cornea by methods of three-dimensional keratotopography, pachymetry, endothelial biomicroscopy,  impressive cytology, optical corregental tomography.

    Determination of ocular refraction by the method of refractometry, aberrometry and sciascopy.

    Diagnostics of ophthalmotonous pressure disorders: tonometry, tonography, kinetic and computer perimetry, optical corregental tomography of disk of optic nerve, ultrasound biomicroscopy and biomicroscopy and optical corregental tomography of structures of angle of anterior chamber.

    Diagnostics of lacrimal passages and tear production functions.

    Determination of bacterial flora of conjunctival cavity its antibiotic sensitivity.

    Diagnostics of crystalline lens by the methods of ultrasound research and optical corregental tomography.

    Fluorescent angiography of retinal vessels.

    Optical corregental tomography of amphiblestrodes, photo and video registration of eyeground condition.

    Diagnostics of all kinds of heterotropy (squinting).

    Determination of color-and light perception disorders.

    Electroretinographic research of amphiblestrodes function.

    Detection of aggravations.