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    Capsule Endoscopy

    Capsule endoscopy  is a new method of stomach examination and examination of other gastrointestinal organs, which makes it possible to examine digestive areas that are inaccessible for traditional methods of gastroscopy and colonoscopy. The procedure is not invasive and painless. The primary use of capsule endoscopy is its noninvasiveness, possibility to conduct it without anesthesia service, its easiness and painlessness for patients in comparison with other methods of diagnostics of gastrointestinal tract.

    Capsule endoscopy helps to examine three segments of small intestine: duodenum, nestis and twisted intestine. There are modifications of capsules used for detailed examination of esophagus and large intestine.

    Capsule endoscopy has been being used in our clinics since 2013 until the present. There have been conducted more than 120 videocapsule researches. In our researches, we used SB2, SB3, COLON, PATENCY, produced by the company Given Imaging Ltd (Israel).

    A videocapsule of the size of a small vitamin pill is used as an endoscope, which is easily to swallow. Capsule endoscopy transfers the captured images about the condition of gastrointestinal tract while moving through the digestive tract due to peristalsis.

    It starts to be activated after its unpacking. Then a patient swallows the capsule that contains a tiny camera with a processor and a power source. The capsule moves through the digestive tract due to peristalsis. High-quality images of the gastrointestinal tract are obtained thanks to the sensitive photomatrixes and the optimal frequency of pictures in seconds that the camera produced. The recording apparatus has a high reliability and stability of signal receiving that comes from the capsule. The movement of the capsule and the patient’s actions are controlled by a special program that is built-in a recorder unit, which is hung on the patient’s belt. After the examination a doctor looks at pictures on the computer and sends the patient to a gastroenterologist with results of the examination. The capsule will come out naturally. The examination takes 7-8 hours, but the patient may not be at hospital – the device does not prevent him/her from living as usual.

    The videocapsule is disposable, it is completely harmless for the patient and excreted from the body naturally.