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    Facelifting in Belarus

    Facelifting (face skin tightening)

    Do not notice the usual result after applying the mesothreads? Has the contour of the lower jaw lost its sharpness? Is there a ptosis of the tissues of the cheeks («flew»)? Do you worry about the second chin and deep skinfolds on the neck?

    Mesothreads provide lifting in the early stages of ptosis (omission) and a slight excess of skin. Using laser techniques (laser rejuvenation) you can improve the quality of the skin.

    Injection contour plastic is effective in the deficiency of soft tissue volume of the face, but does not affect the contractile ability of the skin. Excess tissue is still an excess, and the use of a large number of voluminizers leads to a disproportionate face.

    Lifting. In case of inefficient injection contour plastics, laser techniques, thread lifting, the presence of persistent and pronounced age-related changes face lifting is indicated.

    Anatomy of the face is multilayered structures. It is very difficult and almost impossible to provide firm lifting by removing the skin only. The underlying layers will only be caught up for a short time, but as the skin expands, everything will return to its original positions.

    The degree of expression of age-related changes determines the type and volume of the operation. Face lifting is a complex operation. The incisions are made in the lateral parts of the face and end behind the auricles. Depending on the type of operation, a skin detachment and a muscle-ligament layer of different area and depth are made. Excess tissue is removed, the edges of the wound are matched, and suturing with a cosmetic suture ensures minimal visualization of the scars.

    During the operation of face lifting a general anesthesia is generally used, less often intravenous. The duration of the operation can exceed 6 hours.

    Face lifting can not demonstrate instant results. There are hematomas and swelling after surgery on the face. The effect will be noticeable by 3-4 weeks, and the final result can be judged only after 6 months.

    A qualified surgeon prescribes a pre-operative examination, carries out surgical intervention and provides postoperative follow-up of the patient, gives recommendations for further rehabilitation.

    Once having decided on face lifting, after a course of restorative procedures the patient acquires a more youthful look, acquires self-confidence and lack of concern about his appearance for a very long period.