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    Fat-freezing procedure cryolipolysis

    How to get rid of the hated extra centimeters at the waist, hips, in the breeches? Hardware procedures come to the rescue, and one of the most popular today is cryolipolysis. This method compares favorably with traditional methods of hardware and fat reduction injection, because it excludes trauma to the skin surface, fibroplasia and scar formation. The basis of the cryolipolysis action is local cooling of fatty tissue. One-hour procedure starts the processes of natural death (apoptosis) of fat cells, which lead to a 20-25% decrease in the thickness of the fat fold. In simple terms, you begin to lose weight «in front of your eyes.»

    Can the procedure be performed on any part of the body?

    The procedure affects those areas that are most susceptible to fat deposits and can cause discomfort with their appearance — abdomen area, riding breeches, inner thighs, and buttocks, fat deposits on the back and underarms, as well as hands. With the help of small nozzles, the procedure is performed on the face (second chin) and knees.

    How does the session go?

    Immediate treatment of the patient’s body with cold is preceded by a specialist examination. The beautician must choose the applicator of the desired size and shape — there are a total of 6 different applicators. First, the doctor measures the fat fold, then marks the area of impact with a special marker. The patient’s skin is pre-processed — a napkin with a special agent is applied to the area where the applicator will be installed. Thus, the skin receives additional protection against burns and responds more actively to the procedure. The vacuum grip engages the skin along with the fat fold and keeps it in tight contact with the walls of the applicator, which cool it. The specialist, of course, is near and, if necessary, adjusts the temperature. The client at this time can watch TV, read a book or communicate with the doctor.

    Advantages of cryolipolysis:

    • non-invasive technology, lack of necrosis (death) of tissues;
    • minimal risk of side effects;
    • Does not require anesthesia, as the procedure is painless;
    • selective impact, impact only on the problem area;
    • high impact on a significant fat layer;
    • the procedure is comfortable, painless and does not require a rehabilitation period.

    Contraindications for cryolipolysis:

    • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
    • diabetes;
    • oncology;
    • diseases and skin lesions at the procedure site;
    • intolerance of cold (cold allergy);
    • autoimmune diseases;
    • increased vascular permeability, telangiectosis (spider veins) at the venue;
    • absence of fat folds or their insignificant thickness.

    In the aesthetic center “OBLAKA”, the procedure of cryolipolysis is carried out on the latest device for non-invasive irreversible removal of a part of adipose tissue using cryomodel.

    Advantages of Cooltech over similar devices (installations):

    • 2 nozzles work simultaneously, the procedure lasts 70 minutes temperature from -3 ° С to -8 ° С
    • Nozzles are attached to the body by vacuum. There is no inconvenience in additional fixation with straps; there is no need to hold the manipulator during the procedure.
    • Of consumables, only a special napkin (Coolpad) is used. Analogues use gels, CoolLiners (plastic liner, isolating applicator from gel pads), Geltraps (gel pads for applicator), CoolCards (disposable memory cards 16 and 24 procedures (valid for 10 procedures), disposable CoolSmooth bags (for folds difficult to fix), which affects the cost of the procedure.
    • 95% of customers are satisfied with the results and note the effect after the first procedure (according to reviews from a French dealer and a Spanish manufacturer).

    A beautiful and slim figure is not a dream, it is a reality!